Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WoW... a game the whole family can play!

I currently have more toons than I can count... it's an unfortunate quirk I have where I get bored of something quickly so I start a new toon to see if i like it better. To date I have taken an Undead Mage and a Tauren Hunter to 70. Soon will be my Orc Warrior and my Blood Elf Priest. Yes, you guessed it, I am HORDE!! I have tried Alliance but for some reason I have been unable to follow it through to the end, I can hit mid 30's at best but then I am done.

My wife plays as well, she has a 70 Tauren Druid, 70 Troll Priest, 70 Tauren Shaman and a 70 Blood Elf Warlock... yes she play a little more than I.. some where in the range of 3 - 5 times the logged hours... lol. My fault, I got her hooked.

My oldest two boys, 12 & 8, also play on a regular basis and have closed in on 40, they also suffer from the same thing as me and switch toons so much they don't give themselves a lot of time to level.

My youngest plays a little as well, he doesn't have his own toons yet but he enjoys grabbing one of ours and going out grinding or killing.

See, what did I tell you, a Family game.

Welcome to the "World of Warcrack"

This is a journal of my time addicted to the best game ever created or known to man. I have now lost nearly three years of my life to this game on a part time basis. Each time I think i am done for good... BAM... something releases and I am sucked right back in again.

I will post over several blogs my experiences so far. Please enjoy and feel free to comment and I may use some of the comments in later posts.